“After having a knee replacement I have been seeing Heidi over the past few months and I cannot thanks her enough. I have recommended Heidi to friends.”

Diane Myton

“Many thanks for all your work and expertise in keeping me on the road this year. I have got through the season injury free and set personal bests for 50, 62 and 100 mile events.  I couldn’t be more pleased with what you have done for me.”

William Barr
Recent client

“I was working as a full-time dance teacher at a Performing Arts College as well as teaching freelance fitness classes in the evenings and weekends when I started to suffer from sciatica. Initially I ignored it, knowing that a trip to the doctors would probably end up with me being advised to ‘rest’ which was impossible for me to do! I ignored it until it got to the point it was so painful that I could hardly walk let alone teach dance or aerobics and my favourite past time of running was well and truly over!

I went to the doctors and was referred to a physio, and then had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment. I explained I needed it treated as quick as possible due to the nature of my profession and lifestyle! 6 months later after monthly sessions, the sciatica was still there and although the pain/inconvenience of it had subsided it would often flare up and leave me crippled with pain and finding it impossible to work. It was then that I decided to see Heidi and let her massage my bottom! After JUST ONE session, my sciatica had completely disappeared! That was well over 4 years ago and it has only come back very mildly and extremely occasionaly so whatever Heidi did (and the physio didn’t do!) has worked a treat.

I would recommend her to anyone suffering from any kind of ache or pain!”

Kate Warner
Previous Carrefour Class Instructor

“Had an aching back so booked in for a full body massage before leaving for Afghanistan and it was excellent….
Felt in great shape and refreshed the next morning!”

Simon Moralee
Recent client

“Being a personal trainer I train regularly and my body gets put under strain. Having Heidi as my sports therapist gets rid of any niggles or tight muscles that would cause injury.
Heidi’s techniques and her ability to get deep into the muscles prevents any build up of knots or scar tissue. I really couldn’t recommend anyone better.”

Paul Suggitt
Personal Trainer

“I have been struggling with a shoulder injury from tennis for a number of years. I have been seeing Heidi for the past 2 years for a weekly sports massage and since starting the treatment I am now able to play tennis without any discomfort. I would strongly recommend Heidi?s service. ”

Nigel Willgrass
Carrefour member


“Since having my treatment with Heidi it has allowed me to continue performing my exercise without pain. Her advice and support has helped me to prevent my injury recurring.”

Julian Daniel
Class instructor
“Heidi is by far the best and I would highly recommend her.”

Gina Adams
Regular client
“I have had a number of excellent massages from Heidi. I have recommended her to friends who have been equally satisfied.”

Karen Parsons
Carrefour Member